American Black and Tans on the High Plains

Table of Contents
Pledge of Allegiance
I. Getting Started
1. The Hounds
1.1 Breeding Stock
1.2 Elle Mae
1.3 Beaureguard "Beau"
1.4 Grenna
1.5 Bart
2. Training
2.1 The Coons
2.2 In the Cage
2.3 Hound, Coon, & Cage
3. Coonhunts
3.1 Find and Stock an Area with Coons
4. Cat/Lion Hunts
4.1 Not All States Allow Hounds to Hunt Cat/Lions
II. Hunts without the Hounds
1. BlackHills Deer Hunt
3. Alaska 2013
III. Links
RIP Hero and friend
What else can they do...?
Yes, they get my hair!!!
The Dead South
A Soldier's Life